About Dental Medical Billing

Kimberly Pajak

Is our medical biller if you choose to outsource.  She has over 15 years experience in the dental office as a chairside assistant and also in the front office. Kim has worked closely with Christine and her husband Dr Paul Taxin to learn dental medical billing and be able to assist your office if you choose not to take on the billing yourself.  Kim is here to help you with any questions you may have on what can be billed, the information needed by the insurance company and appeal letter writing.  Our software also has the ability to check eligibility in real time.

Christine Taxin

Has many years of experience in billing both dental and medical insurances. She works with permission of the ADA and provides them a list of companies she works with every year. She is also on the board of NDEDIC. This group has members from all insurance companies, hardware, and electronic billing warehouses. They are working towards streamlining electronic data information and to train dental offices on the best ways of utilizing these services. Christine has worked in both dental and medical practices for 30 years and has never looked at either as different. Christine lectures nationally on cross code dental medical billing. Her seminars are always filled and in high demand. Most recently she has lectured at the Connecticut State Dental Association meeting, the New Jersey State Dental Association meeting, the New York State Academy of General Dentistry and the N.Y.S. First District Dental Society. She is an Adjunct Professor at New York University School of Dentistry. She has taught hundreds of practices how to bill medical insurance for dental procedures for themselves.

Learning how to bill medical insurance requires a lot of training and is different than dental insurance. It is necessary to have a diagnosis code as well as a procedure code. Whereas, billing dental insurance only requires a procedure code. Then there is Medicare to deal with. They have many rules, some of which can be difficult to interpret. Many dental procedures can be billed to medical insurance including: periodontal treatment, implants, sleep apnea appliances, fluoride trays and TMJ orthotics. If a patient has any sort of medical problem such as diabetes, cancer treatment and cardiovascular issues many of the above procedures will be paid.

We have been taught by one of the best in the industry and we attend many seminars in this field to stay at the top of our game. We can definitely increase your profitability while reducing the stress on you and your team. Give us a call today to get started!

For more information on Mrs. Taxin, and Links2Success check out http://links2success.biz.

Jan Palmer

Practicing dental sleep medicine is a goal for many, but a reality for few. The complexity of the insurance reimbursement process has provided enough frustration that many dental offices abandon the potentially lifesaving and profitable area of practice.

Ms. Palmer spent decades navigating the administrative and dental-medical world. She has, over the years, developed strategies designed to connect the essential services patients require to the well-deserved insurance reimbursement.

High-level coaching doesn’t make things easier, but it makes teams better. Ms. Palmer works with offices from all over the county to establish functional and sustainable billing protocols for sleep apnea procedures. She trains on how to gather the proper medical documentation and potentially co-involve Medicare and private insurance.

Medical coding and billing is often last picked for the proverbial dodge ball game because big insurance doesn’t seem to want dental teams to understand the process. However, that is all medical billing is–a process, and it can be taught.

Ms. Palmer has established highly effective processes and implemented them at the highest level. She has saved patients tens of thousands of dollars and most importantly, helped offices all across the county do the same.

In addition to her speaking and consulting roles, Ms. Palmer currently holds a management position with Sleep Apnea Dentists of New England putting theory into practice every day.


American Association of Dental Office Managers, Ambassador/Member in good standing

American Association Dental Office Managers, Candidate for Fellowship

Professional speaking

American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine on practice management/insurance reimbursement:

AADSM Annual meeting 2012 Boston, MA

AADSM Annual meeting 2013 Baltimore, MD

AADSM Annual meeting 2009 Minneapolis, MN

AADSM Annual meeting 2007 Philadelphia, PA

AADSM Annual Meeting 2015 in Seattle, WA (Upcoming)


Practice Management Course Chair 2012 Las Vegas, NV

Practice Management Course Chair 2013 San Diego, CA

Practice Management Course Chair 2014 Washington, DC


Study club participation

Facilitator for the AADSM Study Club spring/fall 2013- Present

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