The most recent and compelling research demonstrates a clear connection between periodontal disease and many of modern medicine’s most troublesome diseases, including heart attack, stroke, pregnancy complications, diabetes, and cancer, among others. Periodontal disease is known to increase levels of systemic inflammation. Proper treatment of periodontal disease has been shown to reduce these risk factors.

The Perio/Systemic connection promises to revolutionize dentistry by adding the health/medical dimension to your practice. As periodontal disease is probably man’s most prevalent disease, it presents a unique opportunity for dentists to deliver a necessary, valuable and profitable service. Dentists can now protect their patients from dangerous medical conditions, generate quality referrals from physicians, and add a sizeable amount of new production every month.

Becoming a Dental/Medical Center Learning Objectives:

■Optimize clinical results through treatment designs, by adding technology such as laser, DNA, Diabetic, and CRP testing
■Working with multiply insurance companies
■Learning what is a medical necessity
Becoming a Dental/Medical Center Outcome:

■Increase the number of patient who will accept treatment
■Adding new procedures to your daily production and collection
■Increase your coding skills, both dental and medical
■Increase your treatment planning with third party dollars
■Adding a new referral source of medical providers will increase your value to community

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  1. Aggy says:

    This is exactly what I was loonkig for. Thanks for writing!

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