Webinar – Medicare, What Choices do you Have

  • Speaker/Host: Christine Taxin and Jan Palmer
  • Date: Wednesday, April 8, 2015
  • Time: 7:00PM(Eastern)/6:00PM(Central)/5:00PM(Mountain)/4:00PM(Pacific)
  • Duration: 1 hour

Introduction to Medical Billing (Replay)

  • Dental procedures frequently covered by medical plans
  • Completing the CMS1500 claims form: stepbystep instruction
  • Locating and prioritizing medical diagnosis and procedure codes how to diagnose from medical history and exam instead of locating.
  • How to call Insurance companies for preauthorization


How to Bill Medical for Dental Diagnostic Procedures (Replay)

  • Selecting the correct codes.
  • Billing for systemic disease, radiation, medication, bulimia, diabetes, etc.
  • Writing a letter of medical necessity
  • How to report oral DNA, xrays, pulp tests, etc.  (using diagnostic tools)


Medical Billing for Oral Appliances & Orthotics (Replay)

  • TMJ orthotics,
  • Coding the appliances and adjustment
  • Coding the diagnosis and symptoms
  • Billing the restoration after the orthotic

Billing Medical for Surgical Extractions, Implants and Biopsies (Replay)

  • Knowing when to use medical
  • The criteria for billing under medical
  • Understanding the reason why it would be medical
  • Coding extractions, implants, sucket preservation crafts, ridge augmentation crafts  and membranes.

Participating or NotParticipating on Medical Insurance? (Replay)

  • Pro’s and Con’s on participating or notparticipating on medical community
  • Understanding in network, out of network or participating with Medicare.
  • Forms needed wither you participate or not on medical arena
  • Documenting the claim form for maximum payment.


Billing CT Scans Two Dimensional and Three Dimensional

  • Medical billing for the following: ortho, neuromuscular, sleep apnea, implants, surgical


Documentation Update

  • Writing a Narrative
  • Adding Attachments and Why?
  • Appealing a Medical Claim


Introduction to Sleep Apnea Billing

  • Coding the appliance and adjustments
  • Coding the diagnosis and symptoms
  • Criteria for coverage
  • Are you in or out of Medicare?

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