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Links2Success and Dental Medical Billing LLC can help you with your patient’s medical billing. We can train your team to do the billing or you can send us the billing to process. Either way you and your patients will benefit from the additional benefits.

Research has shown that there is a link between periodontal diseases and other chronic inflammatory conditions, such cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The following list is of some patients that could receive medical benefits for dental procedures:

• Radiation and Therapy for cancer: Dental treatment before and after therapy should be done to protect patient.
• Pregnancy Problems: Pregnant women who have periodontal disease may be more likely to have a baby that is born too early and or too small. (See Case Western Article)
• Prostate Cancer has shown specific Antigen Levels in patients that can correlate to periodontal health.
• Osteoporosis: Research has suggested that a link between osteoporosis and bone loss in the jaw may lead to tooth loss because the density of the bone that supports the teeth may be decreased.
• Respiratory Diseases: Bacteria in your mouth can be aspirated into the lungs to cause respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, especially in people with gum disease. This is a big problem especially in the elder population.
• Heart Disease and Stroke: Researchers have found that people with gum disease are almost twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease
• Diabetes: People with diabetes are more likely to have periodontal disease than people without diabetes, probably because diabetics are more susceptible to contracting infections. In fact, periodontal disease is often considered the sixth complication of diabetes. Those who don’t have their diabetes under control are especially at risk. Studies have shown that it is easier to keep blood sugar levels under control when periodontal disease is under control.
• Pancreatic Cancer: Has been linked to Poor Oral Hygiene.
• Medication causes many complications in the oral cavity that involves caries and periodontal disease. Quite often this is due to dry mouth.
• Muscular diseases have also been linked to periodontal health

The list above is just some of the extra questions we need to start to ask our patients and educate ourselves so we can start connecting Dental 2 Medical.

What treatments can your office bill medically because of this knowledge?

• Periodontal Therapy
• Oral Surgery
• Implants
• Sleep Apnea
• Accident Cases

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